WHUC Overview

Hajj People and the World Hajj & Umrah Convention (WHUC)

Our Journey

‘Hajj People’ started off with a massive success of WHUC- World Hajj and Umrah Convention in 2012 at one of London’s prestigious historical Landmarks, the British Museum on the 28th – 30th February 2014.  This monumental attraction showcased rich historical and cultural exhibits from around the globe, renowned for hosting high status Events and Exhibitions on an International level.

Serving to attract enthusiastic businesses, corporations, government organizations and other respected bodies, the Convention had teemed with fascinating discussion, analysis and exciting international and local opportunities. A learning exchange platform and B2B & B2C networking forums was to be the core of the Convention, with only the highest level of leading figures in attendance at this event.

Flashback from WHUC 2012

The World Hajj & Umrah Convention 2012 served as the central hub to bring together all of Europe, North America and the rest of the world’s Muslim travel experts across the industry. The WHUC 2012 welcomed an unrivalled line-up of esteemed academicians, government representatives, religious figures and other key players from the sector, the two day event will provided a comprehensive and unique forum that connected the Hajj & Umrah industry.

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Flashback from WHUC 2013

The World Hajj and Umrah Convention 2013 successfully took place on the 21st & 22nd of May 2013 at The Olympia Conference Centre in Kensington, London. This 2- day convention acted as a unique opportunity for the global Hajj & Umrah Industry experts to learn new best practices, exchange ideas, and promote business services and network with around 200 participants from all over the globe.

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WHUC 2013 pictures | WHUC 2013 Videos


The World Hajj & Umrah Convention- WHUC 2014

This year ‘Hajj People’ has taken a much greater initiative to make WHUC 2014 a much more prestigious, exposure oriented Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Client (B2C) International event at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London on the 28th to 30th of Dec 2014. This year we are expecting up to 500 participants from all around the globe. Like last year, this is going to be a productive 2- Day Convention inclusive of:

  • The Conference: This conference will include panel discussions and interactive sessions of Hajj & Umrah Industry experts from the Saudi Government.

  • Educational Seminar: This seminar will provide a vast opportunity for the International Hajj & Umrah representatives to come forward and share their stories, experiences and products with the wider International audience.

  • Exhibition: WHUC gives you a perfect opportunity to Exhibit your products, work and services in the International global market in this 2- Day Convention.

  • Social Networking: WHUC is an ideal platform for you to expand your social circle because we will be bringing you the best of Hajj and Umrah actors on one single platform.