WHUC Deliverables

World Hajj and Umrah Convention Deliverables


WHUC targets to go along the following deliverables for the participatory organizations. These deliverables act as a key theme for the convention and may be upgraded as per requirement and International challenges.

1.             Briefing Session

WHUC briefing session or an introductory session is designed keeping in view the International community inclusive of the governments, participatory institutions and other systems. This briefing session focuses on the activities undertaken by the Saudi’s but functional by the international community. The briefing session also brings forward the work of all different kinds being done by various kinds of global parties that indirectly or directly are somewhat involved in the pilgrim’s experiences during their Hajj and Umrah journey. We are aware that every Country have their own practices and deliverables which they have to offer to the pilgrims, which is why this briefing session is the right platform where everyone can be bought together to discuss this further in detail.

2.             Planning

Hajj People and WHUC believe on strong and do-able action for which this section is designed. Following the debriefing session, planning in terms of future objectives and missions the convention allows private associations and governments to come up with their ideas and suggestions which can be added or put into consideration as points of discussion for the next WHUC’s global chapter. WHUC values thoughts, beliefs and suggestions.  WHUC considers that the ideal time to start planning for the next chapter is 7 weeks after Hajj which gives all the institutions and management enough time to make plans for the next year and how everyone in the similar chapter can contribute towards making the next year better then the first one.

3.             Business Expansion Opportunities and Techniques

Hajj people and WHUC works round the clock in the designing and implementation of this global convention. Understanding that the participatory Governments, Institutions and Organizations take out time from their valuable schedule to attend this event, we put together such designs that give you an opportunity to enhance your social networking circle, enhance your understanding on saving money using different business techniques and sessions that will help you come across new technology and Innovation ideas that will play a very vital role in your future business expansion plans. With the immense ongoing competition of technology globally, WHUC understands its implementation where applicable around the globe so that we are able to benefit the global community on the whole. WHUC also gives you a bigger chance to come across in building new relationships around the globe to help you expand your idea, business and professional circle. This section will allow you to expose yourself towards new opportunities and ways how you can beneficially approach those new opportunities.

4.             Innovation & Idea Generation

One of the many main core themes of World Hajj and Umrah Convention is to motivate and connect institutions and organizations towards success in order to enhance the pilgrim’s experiences. Hajj people and WHUC believe that in order to do that successfully, the organizations and institutions need to play their part in Innovation, Sustainability and Implementation. WHUC as a social enterprise strives to bring forward innovative ideas of people and how they can play their part in enhancing the pilgrim’s experiences respective of deliverables their country organizations have to follow.

Efficiency of WHUC 2014 Deliverables

Hajj People and WHUC have their very own and progressive monitoring and evaluation mechanism that allows us to jot down the targets, its achievements and progress on yearly basis.  We consider it an essential part to critically analyze and evaluate ourselves as we consider it our core responsibility in order to grow and succeed.  Keeping communication, management and global market into consideration we strive to follow growth and progress which ultimately results and positively affects the pilgrims experience and journey for Hajj and Umrah.