Exhibitor Registration

In 2014, WHUC plans to expand its International Exhibition with up to 20 Exhibitors, 15 Networking tables and 16 sponsor stands providing a total of 51 highly ranked companies to showcase their products and services.

At WHUC 2014, we specialise in providing your brand high level linear display, making sure that your product and services are showcased to the utmost. For companies who prefer greater brand presence, they can use customised builds that are available at the sponsorship zones.

In addition, this year, after valuable feedback and recommendations from our 2013 participants, we have decided to dedicate one day exclusively to promote our Exhibitors products and services. For participating exhibitors who wish, we can provide them with quality purpose built stands according to their needs and budget.

We will be focused on bringing top delegates and visitors from around 50 Countries for YOU on this one single platform.

The entry for European Companies will be free of cost. On the 28th of December there will be a Special Exhibition opening.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions as stipulated in the Admission and Privacy given on WHUC website