Invest with WHUC Presentation at Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry

September 5, 2014 by admin


On Monday 1st of September 2014, members of the National Hajj & Umrah Committee of Saudi Arabia, hoteliers, technology and telecom service providers attended the – Invest with WHUC – presentation at the Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 50 senior directors, GMs’ and owners derived the potential opportunity for development within their fields of expertise at the World Hajj & Umrah Convention.

The presentation jointly delivered by Mohsin Tutla, Chairman of WHUC 2014 and Aziz Awlya – GM of Al Shohada Hotel demonstrated the link between prosperity and commercial, personal, social development to be achieved over a 3 day programme in London. The ethos advocated during the presentation was that enhancing the pilgrims experience will be achieved through increased efficiency, nurturing growth opportunities and developing staff knowledge ability and skills.

As quoted by Mohsin Tutla – Chairman WHUC 2014
“To keep it simple, save me money, make me money and make my life easier; this is the bottom line of all senior management and business owners, this is what we plan to do with style, integrity and efficiency”

With expected participants of 1,000 delegates and visitors, WHUC 2014 will open the platform for commercial opportunities to engage with managers responsible for more than 1 million pilgrims and exceeding $3BN dollar spend.

For more details Visit to confirm your position and secure your participation in this prestigious event.