The Madinah Experience in Makkah event at the Al Shohada Hotel, Makkah

October 14, 2014 by admin
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Makkah, Saudi Arabia
14th October 2014

The Hajj industry in Saudi Arabia is undergoing a renaissance, with growth in Hajjis (pilgrims) and hospitality customs to levels not witnessed before.  The industry is responding by providing ever better levels of service, underpinned by investment in hotels, infrastructure, service provision and safety. At the same time, it is improving its financial performance and efficiency as well as contributing to the health and wealth of the Hajjis as well as of the Kingdoms society.

The Madinah Experience in Makkah forum held at the Al Shohada Hotel on the 14th of October 2014 was hailed as an extra-ordinary success. Local Saudi Newspaper, Makkah NP, part of the Sheikh Saleh Kamel group of media companies commented,

“It is very important for the international community to build relationships with the local community here in Makkah; if they truly want to enhance the pilgrim’s experience. We need to know what is happening outside so we can serve the pilgrims better in Makkah and Madinah.

It was really moving for us to see how the international community is trying so hard to raise standards within their own countries and these efforts are not known or communicated well with us, here in Saudi Arabia, we are thankful to Hajj People to bring this opportunity to us”.

Al Thaqafi
Makkah News Paper

Initiative taken by organisers Hajj People to hold the forum in Makkah was widely appreciated. The event created greater awareness of their work and that of the international community here in Makkah.

Chairman of WHUC 2014 – London, Mr Mohsin Tutla opened the session by reciting a poem “The Polished Gem” and presented the World Hajj & Umrah Convention, Hajj Excellence Awards criteria titled “Raising Standards by Recognising Excellence”.

“This year, our criteria will measure each company’s success by knowing how well they succeeded in meeting the commitments and expectations they set about with their clients and pilgrims. The voting rights will be transferred to the consumer and their feedback will determine the winners and outstanding achievers of the 2014 Hajj People Excellence Awards.  Companies are required to have 10% of their clients to rate and review their performance in order for the evaluation to hold value.

Mohsin Tutla
Chairman – WHUC 2014

Hajj People proudly presented the works of local Makkah based photographer Wessam Hassanin. This outstanding talented son of Makkah is the official 2014 Hajj Photographer who holds his full time photography job at the King Abdullah Medical Hospital in Aziziah. Wessam used the opportunity to demonstrate his work to the international and local Saudi community but to also invited his father to see the value of his work and what it meant to the Hajj and Umrah community.

“As an engineer, my father wished I follow an engineering carrier, but I am from Makkah, I love Makkah, Hajj and with my pictures I can show the world the passion that is Makkah”

Wessam Hasasanin
Official 2014 Hajj Photographer

During the event, General Manager of Al Shohada Hotel, Aziz Awlya introduces a new concept in hospitality, a new term coined. “The Madinah Experience in Makkah”. With a hotel that boasts the largest lobby in Makkah and dedicated to raise charitable funds for the Shohada or Haram, A charity created by Al Faisal Al Saud family.

“Peace, tranquillity and serenity are qualities associated with Madinah, Makkah is quoted as the “Balad al Ameen”. As a hotel it is one of our duties that we give people such an experience often referenced to Madinah”. We will achieve this by evaluating the qualities of the city of Madinah and incorporate these within our hotel hospitality value models.

With Hajj People sharing their insight, through their research of the expectations of the international community we shall make the “Madinah Experience in Makkah” a reality or as close to it.

Aziz Awlya
GM Al Shohada Hotel, Makkah

Hajj People’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rashid Mogradia said:

“Makkah is at the heart of Islam, where better to launch our Global Awards Program which will be taking place at the upcoming 3rd World Hajj & Umrah Convention in London at the end of December.  We welcome global entries and wish everyone applying the very best”.


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