WHUC Presents Kiswah Al Kaabah In Indonesia

November 20, 2014 by admin


Masjid al-Quba Imam special visit to Indonesia

  • Shaykh Muhammad Khalil Al Qari and World Hajj & Umrah Convention Chairman, Mohsin Tutla make special visit to Indonesia
  • The Curtain (Kiswah) to the historical Baab al Kaaba (Makkah) will be displayed under the auspicious of the Shaykh
  • They will attend the Umrah, Hajj & Islamic Tourism Expo in Jarkata

20 November 2014 (Jarkarta, Indonesia): Alia Convex, Organisers of The Umrah, Hajj & Islamic Tourism Expo, are pleased to announce the opening of their event1  will be marked by the auspicious attendance of the Imam of Masjid al-Quba in Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Shaykh Muhammad Khalil Al Qari and the Chairman of the World and Hajj & Umrah Convention (WHUC) from London, Mr Mohsin Tutla.

This special visit was arranged by Mr Mohsin Tutla, Chairman of WHUC from London, with the aim of showcasing the curtain, the gold embroidered Kiswah, which veils the historical door, known as Baab al-Kaab, to the Kaaba in Masjid al-Haram, Makkah.

This honour to the Indonesian people follows their prestigious award at the 2013 WHUC for “Best Pilgrims in the World” award to Kementerian Agama at a ceremony in Jakarta. Mr Tutla delivered a speech in Bahasa Indonesia language and the accolade was received by former Minister of Religious Affairs Surya Dharma Ali on behalf of the Indonesian people.

This is a unique opportunity for the 75,000 visitors at the event to listen to the Quran recitation from the Shaykh and an opportunity to see the hand embroidered Kiswah.

The curtain, the gold embroidered Kiswah, will travel to London, made available for the private collection of any Muslim that can afford to upkeep the honour at the World Hajj & Umrah Convention in London. Organisers of the WHUC, Hajj People of UK invite responsible custodians to submit  requests of a wilful nature, info@whuc.org .


Shaykh Muhammad Khalil Al Qari Imam of Masjid al-Quba commentioned: “It is an honour for me and the people of Saudi Arabia to serve the guests of Allah, the most high. Indonesia is so dear to me and I am pleased to be in Indonesia and look forward to meeting with the people, reciting Quran and sharing the beauty of Kiswah Al Kaaba for all to see”.



Mohsin Tutla Chairman of the World Hajj & Umrah Convention commented: “The World is amazed with Indonesia; the most populous Muslim nation was voted by the international community and recognised the highest honour “Best Pilgrims in the World” Awarded at the 2013 World Hajj and Umrah Convention and received by Kementerian Agama on behalf of the Indonesia Pilgrims. Hajj is a large peaceful gathering and Indonesian values are synonymous to the values of Hajj”.



Mr Angitto Abimanyu, Chairman of Alia Convex, Organisers of Umrah, Hajj & Islamic Tourism Expo commented: “It is a great honour for Indonesia and this event to receive Shaykh Muhammad Khalil Al Qari, such a high profile visit from Saudi Arabia, making our 10th anniversary, so very special. We are extremely greatful to Mr Mohsin Tutla, Chairman of the World Hajj & Umrah Convention for inviting the Shaykh to join us and for having the Kiswah of Al Kaabah to be exhibited for all Indonesia people to see.



Notes to editors

1 Event details: http://internationalislamicexpo.com/message.php

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This year, the WHUC 2014 will focus on The Great Expansion of the Haram with particular emphasis on the developments of the trains systems and airport logistical advances and improvements in an effort to help plan and educate on the social and logistical aspects of the Pre Hajj and Umrah for the forth coming year.

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