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World Hajj & Umrah Delegates Registration

A WHUC Delegate is recognized by peers and the pilgrim as being part of a company that is committed to learning. Updating their knowledge and skills to further enhance the pilgrim’s experience.

The two days convention is the product of an immense amount of research and development. Bringing together a unique blend of social, commercial and educational professionals that will ensure Hajj and Umrah sector businesses stay competitive, growth in business opportunities as well as learning new knowledge that will ensure that your pilgrims’ experience is enhanced.

Another well-known fact. Fast moving, ever growing, non-stopping sector of Hajj and Umrah allows very little time for people to meet with each other. Most of our communication is done online via mail. But we know that long-lasting relationships, social and commercial are only made face to face.

Important Visa Application notice

It is well-known fact that getting a Visa to the UK is a lengthy process and can take up to 40 working days for some countries. An approved UK Visa will grant you 6 Months multiple entries. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth office is required to take short interviews prior to issuing this visa. With this in mind, we encourage all participants interested in attending to register as soon as possible. Our patron Lord Adam Patel of Blackburn, British Parliamentarian supports your attendance and we will support you in getting a visa with an official invitation letter confirming you as a World Hajj and Umrah Convention Delegate. Last year more than 100 delegates were unable to attend due to late applications. Let us help you with this but you must register early.

Should you fail to receive a Visa after paying for your delegates space you will be compensated 50% of the Delegate fee.

Visa information:

Once you have completed and submitted the initial registration form, we will reply via email and provide you with the full WHUC Delegate Brochure. This brochure details all the specialist services, activities and various package options and its associated costs.


Delegate Form

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