Delegate Registration

Welcome to the WHUC programme as a delegate – Full Access


The WHUC seeks to empower, enrich and enhance the full potential of delegates working within or affiliated with the Hajj & Umrah Sector.

We achieve this by providing relevant workshops ranging from Technology to Aviation, Pilgrim Welfare to Crisis Management. Exciting presentations of new developments in the industry, forecasting trends and how Decision Makers need to position themselves.

It is important to build close relationships with other colleagues form the industry so the WHUC provides social activities evening networking, awards, scheduled meetings to support your objectives.

Opening opportunities for new business. The WHUC is please to support New Saudi Licensed Umrah Companies to make future partnerships to promote new packages made in Saudi Arabia to promote internationally, with the additional prospects of Saudi Tourism.

Once you have registered you will be provided with a participating pro-forma invoice and the event programme schedule of activities.

Register a delegate and receive the maximum benefit of the programme.

Important VISA Notice

Apply with the UK Fast Track Visa Service. This service is available worldwide and will help you get your Visa within 5 Working Days from acceptance of application.

Workshops you can attend (Delegates Only) :


A- Travel Technology workshop :

1. Technology – Umrah and Hajj travel agents : Visa automation – Back office – Marketing platforms – Online payment.

2- Technology – Hajj agencies and government entities – Hajj E-path

3- Technology – Travel agents – Halal Booking engine – Networking with more than 1000 Travel agent world wide.

4- Technology – Umrah operators in Saudia – Umrah operations management system.

B- Halal Tourism Workshop

 Halal Tourism

C- Aviation Workshop: 

 Hajj and Umrah Aviation

D- Financing workshop:

Hajj and Umrah Finance

E- Adahi (Qurbani) workshop :

 Adahi (Qurbani)

F- Umrah operators in Saudia workshop

1- How to approach Travel Agents 

2- How to manage hotel and services bookings and sales .