WHUC 2018

About the World Hajj & Umrah Convention 2018

The WHUC 2018 is an exclusive meeting point for key decision makers in the Hajj & Umrah industry. With a careful balance of planned social and business activities over a period of 3 days, the WHUC endeavours to benefit every participant  involved, from businesses to governments in developing their sector relations and market knowledge.


This year, the WHUC  will focus on The Great Expansion of the Haram with particular emphasis on the developments of the trains systems and airport logistical advances and improvements in an effort to help plan and educate on the social and logistical aspects of the Pre Hajj and Umrah forthe forth coming year.

The proposed outcome of the WHUC is an annual report composed of contributions by various Hajj related industry leaders and stakeholders that will clearly identify sector trends and give ahead of time projections, as well as proposed solutions for common related obstacles, current and future.

The WHUC is a must for anyone looking for new commercial opportunities and for the potential to streamline their business costs by ensuring their company has access to the best practices and contacts in the market place.